Performance Choir

This choir is a mixed group of 25 – 40 Year 6 – 8 children, who have successfully passed an audition. The main function of this choir is to lead school assemblies and church services, as well as performing at out of school engagements such as weddings, retirement homes, and Christmas functions.

Festival Choir

All Year 6 – 8 children learn and practise the Christchurch Primary Schools’ Music Festival repertoire, as part of the school’s practical music programme. Most of this group go to perform at the Town Hall.

Junior Choir

This choir is made up of all Year 4 & 5 children, who meet once a week in school time. The main aim of this choir is to foster a love of singing and to develop the skills necessary for progressing to the senior choirs.


The St Mark’s Orchestra is an auditioned group selected from Years 4 – 8, with the children playing a variety of instruments. The orchestra help with assemblies and usually perform at Church in Term 3.

Itinerant Music Programme

All children have the opportunity to learn a variety of musical instruments during school hours.
The school is able to offer tuition in the following: Piano, violin, singing, flute, recorder, guitar, brass and drums. The fees for the above lessons are payable to individual the Itinerant teachers.