MODS Nomination

How do I nominate my child for MODS?

We are trialling our provisional definition of giftedness with a MODS Nomination Form. This nomination form can be completed by whānau, kaiako, or ākonga (self-nomination or peer-nomination by students). You can print your own copy, or collect a nomination form from the office. We accept nominations all year round, with students new to MODS starting at the beginning of each term. Please don’t hesitate to contact me with questions about the nomination process:

Cristy Yonetani, Kaiako Pūmanawa | Specialist Teacher Gifted


Whānau Nomination 

Please don’t be shy to nominate your child. It is not whakahīhī (boastful), to acknowledge unique learning needs. Parents and whānau have a key role to play, especially in early identification. Advanced development and early milestones can be seen in very young children. “[There are] numerous studies by various researchers confirming that parents are, in fact, very good indeed at identifying giftedness… It does not mean that every parent is always right. It does mean that parents have a very high likelihood of being right… Parents should be our priority source of information.” (Cathcart, 2020, 31). We welcome the involvement of our St Mark’s School Family.

Kaiako Nomination 

Every teacher is a teacher of pūmanawa gifted learners. For most teachers, this is a matter of differentiating learning within their hapori. Teachers of all year levels are encouraged to nominate students for our pūmanawa gifted learners’ registry, as students’ gifts and talents emerge over time. This includes (but is not limited to) nominating students who achieve exceptional results (two or more years above norms) in standardised tests such as e-asTTle or PATs. 

Ākonga Nomination 

You are welcome to nominate yourself or a classmate using our MODS Nomination Form. Talk to Miss Y for further details.