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  • I hereby apply for admission of the following child to St Mark's School.

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  • St Mark's School has a maximum roll, which is a number established by the Proprietor and agreed to by the Crown as to the number of students that can legally enrol in the School. Applicants should understand that section 29 of the Private Schools Conditional Integration Act 1975 applies, which gives the School discretion to select students whose parents have a particular or general philosophical connection to our Special Character. The Board of Proprietors must be mindful of the integration agreement and the requirements of the Act that limits the number of non-preference students who may be enrolled after all preference applicants have been enrolled. Where a decision is made in accordance with any rules or policies of the school, parents cannot seek to challenge the exercise of that decision unless it is procedurally unfair or in breach of natural justice.

  • St Mark's School provides and shall continue to provide education with a Special Character, the essential elements of which are:

    • a) Association with the Anglican Church: The school has a close association with the Anglican Church which has been maintained since it became independent of St Mark's Anglican Church in 1981. The general school programme with its religious instructions and observances are based on the teachings and formularies of the Anglican Church. This includes regular worship at the St Mark's Anglican Church or an alternative determined by the local Anglican parish, regular religious tuition within the school curriculum, regular church services at the school and a leading role in school life undertaken by the Vicar of the Parish.
    • b) Philosophies: There are three additional key elements to the philosophy of the school, namely
    • b.i) a local curriculum which encourages, models, and explores the Gospel of Jesus Christ as articulated in the Five Marks of Mission of the Anglican Communion; these Five Marks include proclaiming the Good News of the Kingdom; teaching and nurturing in the Christian faith; loving service of others; a commitment to reconciliation, healing, justice, hope and challenging violence of every kind; and to being responsible stewards of creation;
    • b.ii) an education delivered in the context of a supportive Christian community, which nurtures each child's God-given gifts and celebrates achievement;
    • b.iii) a recognition that through its history and traditions the school has created a set of enduring values which focus on the broad development of its students including: the wearing of a uniform; placing a particular emphasis on the delivery of the extra curricula activities of music, sport and cultural pursuits; and instilling in its students an appreciation of high standards of etiquette and behaviour.
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    I/We are willing to give our complete support to our child participating fully in the religious and spiritual life of St Mark's School, understanding that it will include participation in regular worship services, religious instruction and observances based on the teachings and formularies of the Anglican Church, Religious Education within the school curriculum, and an involvement in the life of the school by the Vicar of the Parish of Opawa - St Martins.
    I/We understand our financial obligations, including the payment of Attendance Dues and other Contributions, as stated in the Prospectus.
    I/We declare that we have a particular or general philosophical or religious connection to the Special Character defined above.
    I/We declare that the information provided in this form is true and correct. I/We understand that if the School determines that the information is untrue then it may, at its absolute discretion, withdraw the place available.
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  • Information to confirm the general statements of support should be provided if available, absence of such does not preclude application or acceptance I/We have attached to this form further evidence of our empathy with the special character of St Mark's School:

    A Certificate of Baptism in respect of the child or any of his/her parents or siblings.
    Evidence of current attendance at Anglican or other Christian faith worship through a letter of commendation from a Christian minister.
    Evidence of participation in music, singing, or any other cultural and/or sporting pursuits.
  • Drop files here or
    Any other relevant information, in the form of a covering letter, which supports this application and display how you and your child will interact with the special character of St Marks School. *Attached size limit 2MB
  • Application Fee

    Fee must be enclosed with this application and is non refundable
  • $200.00 incl. GST per child.

    Online Payments: Account number: 031593-0012094-00 (please use reference: pupilplace and your surname)

    Please deilver to the school office Chomondeley Avenue, Christchurch, or submit online.

  • Privacy Act

  • The information on this form is collected and stored for St Marks School records. It is used for the purposes of carrying out the activities of the School. The information will also allow us to keep in touch with you until the application is included in the enrolment process the year before entry.

    Any information collected by the School may be provided to the education authorities (under Section 7 (4) of the Privacy Act 1993) or to the student, parent, caregiver or guardian at the School's discretion. The School may also release information to parties outside the School at the discretion of the Principal, where it relates to the education, health, welfare or safety of the student. Students and parents can, at any time, view their personal information and request correction. If this application for enrolment is unsuccessful, the information on this form will be kept on our records unless otherwise instructed.