Thank you for considering St Mark’s School as the provider of primary education for your child. I am writing to clarify the enrolment process for you and to ensure that you provide the appropriate information with your enrolment application.

Before the school can offer a child a position at the school, it is the role of the Board of Proprietors to determine, by majority vote, if the child has preference of enrolment. Our Integration Agreement with the Ministry of Education states that:

“Preference of enrolment shall be given to those children whose parents have established to the satisfaction of the Proprietor, a particular or general religious or philosophical connection with the Special Character of the School”.

In determining whether a child should have preference the Proprietor may take into account any components of the Special Character, including but not limited to:

  • Children of parents who are actively involved in the local Anglican parish;
  • Children with parents who are actively involved in other Anglican parishes or churches of other Christian denominations;
  • Children with siblings who have attended or are presently attending the School;
  • Children who will benefit from the Special Character of the School and whose parents have an empathy with the character and aims of the School.

The core of St Mark’s Special Character is our close association with the Anglican Church. The general school programme with its religious instructions and observances are based on the teachings and formularies of the Anglican Church, which involves regular worship, religious tuition, church services and a leading role in School life by the Vicar of the Parish of Opawa – St Martins.

As you can see from the above information our Integration Agreement directs us, when considering an application, to focus on the values and religious affiliation/or connection/ or understanding/ or attitude to religion/ of the parents, not the child. For the Proprietors to make an informed decision, we recommend your fully completed enrolment application is accompanied by a brief covering letter regarding your own views on the Special Character of St Mark’s School.

Once the Board of Proprietors have voted an application preference or non-preference, the Principal of the school offers a space to the child, if one is available.

Applications for children turning five, will be received until August 31st of the year prior to the intended admission.

Applications for all classes other than New Entrants, can be considered only when a vacancy arises, and then depends on balance of numbers in each class, and further consideration of the total roll relative to projected enrolments and pupil promotions.

Presentation of a child for admission indicates that the parents or guardians undertake to abide by the rules of the School, and to be bound by the terms of the application submitted by them.

The parents or guardians agree that the child takes part in the full class programme inclusive of the outside visits in School hours and class camps, and that the child will be encouraged to take an active part in the sporting, cultural, spiritual and public service groups organised within the School.

Please post or email the Application for Admission form to

St Mark’s School
33 Cholmondeley Ave
Christchurch 8023