Holistic Culture


Drama st St Mark’s School follows a proud tradition and uses a balance of improvisation techniques and formal settings.


At St Mark’s School we have a weekly lunchtime chess club that welcomes students from Year 0 all the way to Year 8.  These students have the opportunity to learn from their peers and supporting teachers, and experience the thrill of a new hobby.

Performance Choir

The Performance Choir is a group of 25 -40 Year 6 – 8 students who are selected by audition.  Mr Ellis extends on their choral singing skills, tackling a more challenging repertoire and singing in harmony and parts.

Festival Choir

In even years, all Year 6 – 7 students learn and practise the Christchurch Primary Schools’ Music Festival repertoire as part of the school’s music programme.

Junior Choir

This choir is for any Year 4 or 5 student who enjoys singing.  Participation is voluntary.  They rehearse one day each week before school.


For students who have been learning an instrument for 2 – 3 years and are confident music readers, playing in the orchestra offers the opportunity to develop their skills, creating music as part of an ensemble.

Itinerant Music Programme

All students have the opportunity to learn a musical instrument during school hours from experienced music tutors.

Rock Band

This group offers senior students learning vocal, electric guitar, keyboard or drums the chance to create music together with a contemporary repertoire.

Ukulele Club

Students in Year 3 and up are welcome to join our ukulele club.