House Systems

inner-house-systemsAll St Mark’s School children belong to one of three houses and throughout the year, in the spirit of House competition, there is a series of events planned between the houses, including swimming, athletics, cross country, house sports day, and a classroom competition.

All students are allocated to a house:  Williams (Red House),  Julius (Blue House),  or Cholmondeley (Green House).

All the House names were originally adopted from local clergy who had an association with the school.

Williams House was named after Cannon Henry Williams, vicar of St mark’s Parish in Opawa from 1908 – 1930.

Julius House was named after Bishop Churchill Julius, the second Anglican Bishop of Christchurch.

Cholmondeley House was named after Archdeacon Cholmondeley, the first vicar of the separated St Mark’s Parish from 1875 – 1901.