Year 4 – 5 Choir

This choir is for any Year 4 or 5 student who enjoys singing.  Participation is voluntary.  They rehearse one day each week before school (8.30 – 8.55), focusing on learning the fundamentals of singing together in a group.  Mr Paul Ellis both conducts and accompanies the choir, choosing a variety of songs from traditional to contemporary.  The Year 4 – 5 choir perform 2 – 3 times per term during our Friday Church service.

Performance Choir

The Performance Choir is a group of 25 – 40 Year 6 – 8 students who are selected by audition.  Mr Ellis extends on their choral singing skills, tackling a more challenging repertoire and singing in harmony and parts.  The Performance Choir rehearses one morning per week, before school.  They perform in our Church services at least 3 times per term and at a variety of out of school engagements.

Music Festival Choir

In even years, all Year 6 -7 students learn and practise the Christchurch Primary Schools’ Music Festival repertoire as part of the school’s music programme.  St Mark’s is one of the 100+ Christchurch schools participating in the festival.  Being part of a massed choir singing to an audience of over 3000 people inspires the students.

Alternating with this, in odd years, the Performance Choir participates the the Christchurch South Music Festival.  As with the Christchurch Music Festival, they participate with other schools in a selection of massed choir items.  They also have the opportunity to perform items on their own which is very empowering.

For further information on the music programme, please contact Emily Wells –